The commercial farm

A big family

Love of tradition, authenticity and a great deal of passion are the success of the Borghi company. Values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have been handed down from generation to generation and that Tiziano cultivates and transmits even today to his children who work with him to carry on the oldest profession of the pork butcher. The pride of this enterprise is in breeding in the wild, just like in the old times, where each animal is born and raised in the wild.

The production area

The precious Terre Matildiche located on the Reggiane foothills are the treasure chest of the Borghi farm. A fertile land and climatic conditions particularly suitable for curing meats. The characteristic breeze of these hilly places allows a gentle constant aeration of salami and ham without the product drying too quickly, reaching the right maturity in the right times.

We believe in tradition

The pride of this farm lies in breeding pigs in a natural way to retrieve forgotten tastes, just as tradition has it, and the way Tiziano Borghi still continues to do it. The original process, from conception to breeding, to processing and curing the meats is done entirely without compromise; it is the only way to be able to rediscover the authentic taste of the cured meats and products of the past. The Borghi art of charcuterie even today involves ancient procedures and natural products and this is the main feature that makes the finished product so special.

Our Farm

  • gluten free
  • antibiotic free
  • lactose free

Where pristine forests, before becoming impenetrable, still run into some clearings, our specimens graze in the wild state, in spacious enclosures, free to move and feed as needed. We pursue this kind of traditional and antique breeding, in the perimeter of the lush Terre Matildiche (Lands of Matilde), to give our meat a unique and full-bodied flavour that characterizes all our cured meats and gourmet products.

Our animal mainly feed on acorns, both the sweet ones of the oak and the bitter ones of the holm oak, as well as tubers, roots and organic material of the turf; this kind of nourishment and the possibility for the pigs to move around free guarantees unmistakable qualities:


• The meat is redder, tastier and more savoury compared to other pig meats.

• More dietary properties thanks to the higher concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, particularly Omega 3 and Omega 6.

• The lard of our pigs is rich in oleic acid which helps combat cholesterol, and in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

• The fat, which is a fundamental part of our cured meats, is less consistent and more fluid, much more pleasant on the palate.

• The fluidity of the fat therefore allows the aromas used for spicing to spread more rapidly, ensuring excellent aromatic characteristics of the product.



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DT AS. 44 Animal welfare requirements

DT 035 Pork chain without antibiotic

DT 008 Pork feeding no ogm

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 Chain traceability